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New Data Center in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Posted by John Borowski

"Ekuar" is the first Rexx server to be outside of the  United States. It will be used to provide international delivery for our commercial class website hosting and is our EU based DNS server.

Frankfurt is home to DE-CIX, which is the largest internet exchange point worldwide with a maximum throughput of more than 5 terabits per second. It connects over 700 ISP's in the EU.

Upgrades, New Website and Launch of Rexx Account ManagerPosted by John Borowski

Rexx is completing a number of upgrades to our system including  implementation of IPv6 and new DNS servers. With the upgrades comes a whole new website.

We have also launched a new online web based Account manager where our customers can customize and manage their accounts. To access the account manager, click on the LOGIN button found at the top-right corner of our new website.